August 2009

Ag Comm.- Each student gave their opening of their reasons and I gave suggestions for improvements.

Animal Science- I continued talking about local cattle production practices and cheap gain vs. expensive gain. I also discussed how different practices effects the quality of the meat in cattle.

8th Grade- I played the final video in the honor series. This video talked about meat and dairy goat practices and how to show and care for each. I asked each student a question about the show industry and discussed the answers with them.

Ag. 1- Using the National FFA website we reviewed the state officers and looked at the national officers. Tomorrow I will give them a test on the officers.

Ag. Mech.- The class continued to watch the CIMC welding video. After this we reviewed the video and the safety material.


Broadcast/Print Journalism Curriculum Calendar

3rd-5th Hours (all classes are learning a basic journalism foundation and an introduction to media tools.  After several weeks, each student will take a differentiated instructional path in an area of interest to include: print, broadcast, graphic design and sound, global collaboration, mobile journalists, sports broadcasting and/or social media.

Take-5 Bellwork:  Students completed Chpt 3 Glossary Crossword Puzzle (Online) and posted to the daily story idea forum (moodle).  Dialogued on story ideas – what makes a good news story.

Assignment: Completed  Chpt. 3.1 >> Organizing Your Multi-Media Effort >>What Convergence Means; Chpt. 3 Checkpoint Forum; Chpt. 3.1 Assessment and Chpt. 3.1 Think Critically (Moodle).


  • Explain how news organizations have merged operations and turned newsrooms into Information centers.
  • Understand how technology continues to change journalism.
  • Chpt. 3.1-3.3 Key Terms:

Discussed our website design, facebook site, team module assignments. etc. 

Homework today:

Interview two adults you know about how news delivery has changed in their lifetimes. Be prepared to write a summary about the interviews for tomorrow’s take 5.

ISTE Student NETS Standard ALL/

Methods to Teach Objectives
Project Based Learning; Inquiry Based Learning

Add’l Notes (Federal Programs, State Programs, Instructional Technology, Classroom Teaching)

  • Emailed ALCA re: Comprehend Pro Invoice and Data, processed invoice w/ Business Office
  • Prepared for HS Professional Devp Workshop tomorrow – Moodle (Quizzes).
  • Spoke to OdyseyWear amd A+ reps for quote request
  • Reviewed remediation quote from PLATO – very HIGH$$$
  • Worked on HS Office printer issues – called Wight’s for service call – could possibly be a network problem – re-visited this PM – got it to work – will dialogue with Wights
  • Mrs. Martin having network printer issues as well
  • Started removing printer sharing on all DL Lab Computers via ARD – Very Time Consuming, updated software while logged in  (got thru 1, 2su, 4su, 5su, 15su,11su, 8su, 17su, 2osu, 18su, 10su, 19su, 14su, 7su, 12su, 9su, 6su,
  • Updated Mrs. Sims computers – admin allow of application needed for Rosetta update
  • Worked on NetBook connectivity issues – physically documented each IP address that Don Set-up – 4 with issues – IP conflicts, no wireless set-up, etc.
  • Networked with BB re: possible VFT creation idea for 3rd hour class with Science Museum
  • Rec’d Notice from ALCA – data now available – sent user name reminders to admins and deleted inactive users – will add new teachers when time allows

1st hour Housing – pledge  – students  took on the role of a realitor and  interviewed one another as  if they were looking to buy a home. Students then searched through sale ads and realitor magazines looking for a home that would serve their needs.

2nd hour plan.

3rd hour Food – students discussed the food borne illnesses they researched and shared information with the class.

4th and 5th hour FACS 1 students completed a crossword puzzle consisting of the units definitions. They read and reacted to a “The Meeting” a student meeting scenario, then listed ways to make the meeting better and more efficient. PASS Technology Education Pg 42 7- Standard 18

6th hour – FACS 2 students were given a scenarios in which they needed to makes decisions

7th hour -students evaluated career decisions  of others made in scenarios.  Students then began working on their Career investigation. PASS Financial Literacy Standard 1 – Objective 1

2nd Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech:   The students created, saved, and printed 2 Microsoft Word letters….with one letter including a hyperlink

3rd Hour – Accounting I: Lecture over Chapter 2-1 and worked together on creating T accounts.

4th Hour – Personal Financial Literacy: Students printed resumes.  Students worked in groups of 2 interviewing each other with pre-determined interview questions.

5th Hour – Accounting II: The students created an Income statement and 2 balance sheets today.

6th Hour – Yearbook:  Students worked in 2 groups – 1 group created the ladder and the other group made follow-up calls for ad sales.

7th Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech: The students created, saved, and printed 2 Microsoft Word letters….with one letter including a hyperlink

Reading and Language ArtsFrog and Toad All Year, Day 1 PASS– 2OL1.1 (listen/ask directions), OL2.3(use communication effectively), R4.4 (high-frequency words), R1.1 (awareness of sounds), R2.1b (use short/long/r-controlled vowels), R2.2b (syllable rules), WG3.4 (correctly spell words with various vowel patterns) , R5.4c (characters), R5.1b (prereading strategies), R5.4c (character traits/changes/relationships), R7.2 (analyze/evaluate), R3.1 (expand vocabulary)

Math– Chapter 3, Lesson 1- Count Back to Subtract  PASS– M1.3 (Find missing addends), M2.2a

Social Studies– Unit 1, Lesson 1- Families.  We did an into activity for the text book and then watched a United Streaming video about family traditions. PASS– SS1.2 (compare communities), SS5.1 (basic needs vs. wants), SS5.2 (community/ neighborhood roles)

Reflection– Today was a another good day!  This was our first day with subtraction and they did very well.  They were very excited to get to see the video of different types of family traditions and different types of communities that families live in.

Math:  Multiplication patterns St 2: 2b

Spelling:  Write words 3 times each and worksheet.

English:  Simple predicates.

Science:  Notes for test on Wed.  We worked on L3 &  4 on Moodle. Classifying plants and animals

Social Studies: Finished reading  Ch1 and worked on Moodle wksh.  People of the land PASS:St 7.2

Reflection:  We are going to have to work on predicates a little more.  They did not understand some of it.


Ordinal Numbers

Review Number Lines (Missing Numbers)


Sound of the week short a

Robust Vocabulary

Introduced Spelling Words

Worked in centers

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