August 2008

  1. Health-Bellringer questions centered on the upcoming lesson-Classroom discussion on media messages continued.
  2. World History-Bellringer questions on the day’s lesson-Introduction of World Literature and relevance to World History with excerpt from Homer’s Odyssey.
  3. Geography-Bellringer questions-Intro to chap. 2. HW includes chap. 2 review
  4. Same as 2nd Hour

Handwriting- Practice cursive letters Ii and Jj PASS GUM 3.6


Question of the day- We talked about the word unique. What does it mean? How are you unique? Students brainstormed first then wrote their answers in their reading journal.PASS OL2,OL1.1,WG2.1

Fluency- I talked to students about partner reading. We did a walk through of how to sit and how to hold their books while they are reading with a partner. They did a fluency builder while partner reading. AM class did GREAT, PM class had some trouble following the rules. PASS RL 3.3,3.5,OL1.2

Students finished their workbook pages for the week.pgs. 7& 8 Grammar Statements and Questions. PASS WG3.3,3.4

Selection Assessment – Students took test over all skills covered this week.

We reviewed all of the letters introduced this week, as well as, all of the Robust Vocabulary words.  Our first reader, I Can, was also introduced and read together.  We then spent the rest of the reading time writing a page for our journals.

PASS Objectives: LANGUAGE ARTS Reading/Literature: Standard 1: Print Awareness- 1-7.   Standard 2: Phonological/Phonemic Awareness-3-5. Standard 3: Phonics/Decoding- 1 & 2. Standard 4: Vocabulary- 1 & 2. Standard 5: Fluency- 1 & 2. Standard 6: Comprehension- 1-6.  Standard 2: Grammar/Usage and Mechanics: Standard 2: Grammar/Usage and Mechanics -1 a-c & 2a & b.  Oral Language/Listening and Speaking: Standard 1: Listening- 1-3. Standard 2: Speaking- 1. Standard 3: Group Interaction- 1 & 2.

Reading – Question of the Day – Read aloud (Big Book page 6) – High-Frequency Words – cvc pattern in longer words – 2.1b,2.2b – practice page 6 – characters – read aloud p.4 5.1b – robust vocabulary – 3.1

Asses Spelling words with short a and i 3.5a

Grammar – Weekly Review Sentences 3.2b,3.3a,3.4

Math – reteach addition patterns 1.2

1st grade math


Used a 100’s chart to review numbers to 100

Activity: Found numbers on 100’s chart

Reflection: Vicki also pulled students out of the room one by one for Dibels testing

PASS:2.3, 2.4

1st grade reading

Phonics Skill: short a

Activity: Question of the Day, read aloud, and phonological awareness, spelling test, and reading test

Reflection: the reading test took longer than expected!


Reading 2.1,6,1.2,2,5.4,3.1,3,3.2


Skill- Using tens and ones to compare numbers. Greater than or less than.

Activity- We practiced doing greater than and less than together on the board. I showed them how to look at the number line if they were unsure. We did chapter 3 lesson 3 out of our workbook together. They did worksheet 3.3 independently for a grade.

Reflection- Most of them did really well. I still have one student who has horrible number recognition, so he is struggling. But everyone else is doing very well.

PASS- Standard 2.2a Compare objects by size and quantity

Language Arts

Skill-Read a story and spelled words with short a. We did the first test in language arts.

Activity- Today we read our story and reviewed our spelling words. Then we did our end of week tests.

Reflection- Everyone passed all the tests!!! However, the test language arts test is forever long!!!! It was a little rough. The fast ones had to wait on the slow ones because I have to read most of it to them.

PASS- Reading Standard 1.3 apply phonics/sound relationships to decode unknown words, Standard 3.1 decode one-syllable words


SKILL:  The distributive property

ASSIGNMENT:  We reviewed expanded notation and used it to multiply using the distributive property.  Pg 14 in the workbook.

REFLECTION:  Some of the students had a little trouble with the place value when breaking the number down.  Some had to have extra help.  I think they all finally got the concept.

PASS:  St 2-2a

Today we did Art after we finished with Math.  We looked at abstract art and then each student did an abstract art drawing and colored it.  Some of them did some really neat things.  They all seemed to enjoy it.

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