This site will be used as a portal for the daily teacher blogs.  Blogging will replace weekly lesson plans.  The following content was suggested by the staff at the end of last year.

Elementary will start with: Standard, Content, Activity, Skill and Reflections (per Mrs. Cross)

“I would like to see the methods of instruction used to teach the skills and standards.  That may come under activities but, I just feel that different methods should be employed within the same class period,” Mr. Cawhorn.

High School will start with:

Starter Activity (Bell Ringer), Today’s Objectives, Relevant PASS, Methods to Teach Objectives, Practical Application built into lesson, Closure/Summation/Homework/Independent Study

This is an entirely new process for HPS and changes to the blog format will occur throughout the school year.  This blog will start out as a simple daily post of “what happened in your classroom today.”  It is our desire that the blogs will evolve into a rich, professional learning blog.  A site for your thoughts, reflections, best practices, conversations, networking, etc.  This is a team blog that will start out as somewhat private, but will be moving to a public blog during the first semester.

We will continue to focus on the benefits of blogging during our professional development sessions this year.  We will also be discussing the powerful effects of student blogging.

If you have any questions about the technical side of the blog, please do not hesitate to contact Tammy at


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