January 2009

Botball: Today (day off) I went by the Kiamichi Technology Center to speak with the Carpentry teacher.  We have a student participating in Botball who is enrolled in his class.  The teacher graciously agreed to take on the project of constructing our Botball game board for us!  So I left the plans with him and will bring him the materials on Monday.  I am excited!  I also received word from some adults Ms. Buchanan and I had recruited that they would be able to help teach the kids some basic programming next Wednesday.  Double Bonus Day!


HS: Because we have only had one day of school this week, most of the ACT test preppers had to stay in class today.  I did work with a junior on the math portion.  I found some great math fact cards for the students to study next week from the 30-day trial site we have.  Math seems to be the lowest area for all of our students across the board.

Botball: Several students came in throughout the day to work on programming and online project documentation.   Our deadline was moved once again to Monday, February 2.

5th Grade Music (Whole Group): As we talked about instrument families, students filled in blanks on a listening guide.  We used the San Francisco Symphony for kids site on the SMARTBoard.  Students had to list instruments from each family and then check off those instruments after they had listened to each one.  I also showed them a really neat website that uses games to review the instruments.  PASS: Music SI:5 Identify visually and aurally: b.  families of orchestral instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion).

4th Grade Piano: Only one student came in today (again).  She completed two lessons.  PASS:  General Music

After School: Botball was very productive today.  The two design teams actually constructed a working arm for their bots.  The programming team is behind, mainly because we did not have the right software installed on the computers.  The documentation process is going great, thanks to an individual student who has taken ownership of it!  We stayed until 4:30.

No School (Snow Day 2).

No School (Snow Day 1).

Botball:  I don’t normally come in on Mondays, but I met with two students from 12:15-2:00 to work on Botball documentation.  Our Botball online project documentation deadline was originally scheduled for 5 p.m. on Tuesday, but I found out at 2:00 that it had been moved to Thursday due to the icy conditions!  Oh, well…it didn’t hurt us to work on it!

Middle School Science

5th Grade
Objective: Today I used the globe and modeled day/night (rotation) and seasons (revolution). I discussed with the students the differences in both. I used Discovery School to show animation for each one. The students asked sooo many questions about sun/Earth/moon systems.
PASS: Earth Systems
Reflection: Both classes of 5th grade had many questions and I think I cleared up many misconceptions that the students had.

6th Grade
Objective: We used the SPRINTT website to discover the temperature, amount of sunlight and rainfall, and amount of sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic.
PASS: Earth Science
Reflection: The SPRINTT website is awesome and can’t wait to use it the rest of the year.

7th Grade
Objective: The first 30 minutes of class was spent at the WE Really Shine Program. The remainder of the class we used Discovery school to learn about the difference between single-celled and multi-cellular organisms.
PASS: Life Science
Reflection: none

8th Grade
Objective: After about 20 minutes of computer difficulty, the students used Moodle to access animations that I found to help the students grasp the concepts of erosion, weathering, and deposition.
PASS: Earth Science
Reflection: I think the websites were a great addition!

1rst hour- The students that have not completed their power point project worked on it today. The students that have finished, worked on topics for a speech.

2nd hour- I continued talking about branviegh cattle using google images and the ag. 1 material. Towards the end of class the students took a quiz.

3rd hour- The students finished the Shorthorn class and I answered questions regarding the positive and negative traits of each of the heifers.

4th hour-The students continued working with the foresty tool I.D. worksheet.

6th hour- Each student is on a team working with a given project. One student practiced welding with the MIG.

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