May 2009

third hour-U.S. History- Semester Test

fourth hour-Democracy-Semester Test

fifth hour-Oklahoma History- Video “Oklahoma Shinning”, the history of Oklahoma.

sixth hour-Students participated in an interactive game called “Who Wants to be an A Student”.


Friday May 22, 2009 Woodward

Art History 2nd hour- semester test

Art I 3rd hour- semester test

Art II 4th hour- semester test

Art I 5th hour- graded tests

Art II 7th hour- extra credit

*all tests were graded by 1 PM Friday May 22, 2009

*one student inArt I 3rd hour and one student in Art II7th hour have not taked semester test.

Algebra 2 :  Semester test

Geometry: Semester test

Algebra 1:  Semester test

Algebra 2:  Review for semester test.

Algebra 1:  Review for semester test

Geometry:  Review for semester test

Algebra 3:  No students are taking the semester test

Algebra 2:  Continued the review of lesson 12-5 adding probabilities.

Geometry:  Review over angle relationships of parallel lines

Algebra 1:  Review of the common trig functins, sine, cosine, and tangent.

Algebra 3 : Awards assembly

Algebra 2:  review worksheet on lesson 12- 5.  This worksheet is review over adding probabilities.

Geometry:  Review worksheet on using the law of sines

Algebra 1:  Review worksheet on finding the distance between two points

Algebra 3:  Most of the students had already finished their final assignment, but a couple of them worked on the chapter 13 review.

Skills Reviewed: Blending letters together to make words and High Frequency Words.
Book Read: The Three Wolves & the Big Bad Pig. We compared the story to the original Three Little Pigs.
Activity: The children completed a four page simple “End of the Year Assessment” for beginning sounds.
Pass Objectives have already been taught & documented.

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