Unit – All About Me

Today the students finished sharing their posters they made.  They really enjoyed getting to do this.  I also introduced name tracing papers.  I showed them how to correctly hold their pencil and Vivian and I worked with each child one on one and helped guide their hand to trace their name and talked them through the letter formation.  Then they got to trace a few on their own.  Right now I only have one that can write his name well.  It is very apparent that I have several that struggle with fine motor skills at this point.  We will keep working on this.  After lunch students were restless from the rain so we had to get our wiggles out.  We sang “Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes”, “Hokey Pokey”, “Toney Chestnut”, and “The Bear Hunt” (By popular demand.  This is one of their favorites.) I then read one of our library books before rest time.