November 2009

Read a book The Elf On The Shelf.  This  comes with a little elf and tells a story about the elf that will be watching over the boys and girls and reporting back to Santa at the end of each day.  We then had to come up with a name for the elf. They chose the name “Snoopy”.  He will be sitting in our classroom watching until Christmas.  He hides in a new spot each day. The kids thought this was a lot of fun.  We sang some of our songs for the program.  During table work/center time students dictated their santa letters to me and Vivian.  These will hang in the hallway on the bulletin board.  We also worked on making a few more of the reindeer shirts.


1st hour Housing students worked on housing project.

2nd hour – plan


3rd hour Chemistry of Food- students read and explained the roles of acids and bases. PASS Chemistry – pg 214 – Standard 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, & 2.4

4th & 5th hour FACS 1 students worked on  various sewing projects.

6th hour FACS 2 students determined physical needs of clothing decisions.


7th hour Family Living students reviewed  time management skills. Quiz tomorrow.  PASS Language Arts – pg. 90 – Standard 2.2b

Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We recognized s and j sounds.  We read words with /s/c; /j/g, dge; and other known letter sounds.  We used /s/c; /j/g, dge; and other known letter sounds to spell words.  (2.1a,use consonant sounds in beginning/final position)  We introduce spelling words with these sounds.  We identified the elements of a fiction story.  We distinguish fiction from nonfiction elements)  We set a purpose for listening and distinguish fiction elements from nonfiction elements)  We introduced robust vocabulary words.  In grammar we recognized that plural possessive nouns show ownership by more than one person or thing.  (3.2a,proper nouns)

Math we reviewed previously learned skills.  We started chapter 10 “Time and Calendar.”  We identified events as A.M. or P.M. activities.  (4.2, time)

2nd Hour – Fund. Admin.  Tech:  Students completed a Brainbench test for Computer Fundamentals core

3rd Hour – Accounting I:    Students continued working on writing checks for the month of January in a workbook that will take them through 5 months of writing checks for their bank accounts and reconciling the bank statement.

4th Hour – Personal Financial Literacy:  Lesson 13 – Bankruptcy, completed activity 13.1.1 and lesson 13 review

5th Hour – Accounting II: Senior meeting

6th Hour – Yearbook:   students continued working on page designs, uploaded pictures, and took snapshots of middle school grades.

7th Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech:   Students completed a Brainbench test for Computer Fundamentals core

Math:  Subtracting fractions with like & unlike denominators St 3: 2c

Spelling: u & yu sound with different spellings

English:  Adjectives lesson on moodle St 3: 1f

Science:  Unitedstreaming video on what’s inside the earth and plate tectonics St 3: 1,3

Social Studies: Read and discussed the French and Indian War and Early Conflict with Britain.  St 2: 1  4:1,2


Question of the day: Where do animals make their homes? What creatures live in tree? Students brainstormed and responded in their journals. PASS WG1.1,2.1

Read Alouds: “Full of Life” and “One Log”  Students listened as I modeled fluent reading.  We discussed the author’s purpose.  Students did workbook 114 PASS RL4.2b

Phonic/Spelling: Introduced new words with a VCV pattern. Students did workbook page 113 and wrote words in their agendas. PASS RL1.1,1.2 WG3.5a,c

Listening Comprehensio: Students listened to story after we discussed new vocbulary and set the purpose for the selection. PASS RL4.2b,OL1.1,RL5.1a


Ag. Communications- A student gave a speech that he missed before break. After this the class worked on making weight cards for our jackpot show.

Animal Science- I reviewed the quiz the students took Friday. After completion, I put the students in three groups to start working on the flier for the jackpot show.

8th Grade- The students wrote 5 paragraphs, over their thanksgiving break.

Ag. 1- I handed each student a copy of the creed, and they started memorizing the first paragraph

Ag Mech.- I talked about future projects and the different types of welds we will work on. After this the students welded in the shop.

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