March 2009

Reading we reviewed high-frequency words.  We blended sounds into words and spelled words with vowel variant /oo/ou, ou.  (2.1b, use short/long/r-controlled vowels)We developed robust vocabulary through discussing a literature selection.  We read our story in groups and asked comprehension questions.  In grammar we identified and read the irregular verbs have, has, had.  We used have, has, and had correctly in sentences.  We did practice page 91.  Math we compared the capacity of fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.  We did practice page 335-336.  (4.2a)  Social Studies we identified goods and services.  We introduced markets as places where people buy or sell goods and services.  (5.2 roles of people in a community who provide goods and services)


Math PASS – 3.2 multiplication, and review of all other concepts.

Students completed handwriting and math word problems involving multiplication, telling time and number patterns. We then did a a 5 minute multiplication drill then discussed and reviewed double digit multiplication. Students were given 5 minutes to complete double digit drill and then students came to board and worked the problems out. We then did our daily review drill and graded them in class. Students did very well on this as a whole. We then went over a review of how we figure out getting change back. We watched and worked through Destination Success and then students completed seat work over this topic. When work was complete they were able to log onto IXL and work on various math topics.

1st hr. 4th Spell./Handwriting- WGUM Standard 3.5 A-D, 3,6. I checked 3 times each, corrections on their pretest, & their agenda. I went over meanings. Assigned W.S. 90 due tomorrow. Typed words on their laptops. Handwriting- The letter Y.

2nd hr. 1st P.E.- I took 3rd graders too, since I would not be here for their P.E. class.  Capture the Ball, Cowboys & Indians, Fox & Sheep. 

9: 30- 11:05 I went to a funeral.

11:05-11:40 2nd P.E.- Toilet tag.

12:45- 1:40- 4th P.E – Students tried out for the football throw for the Arkoma Track Meet. Played Gotcha & Wall ball.

Last hr. 4th Science- Process Standard 3: 1-3. We went over Chapter 4 Test. Foss Kit. Part 2 Building Parallel Circuits. Students learned another way to operate two components. They constructed a parallel circuit & found that many bulbs can operate on a single D-cell. There were  six ways students could wire their circuits in parallel using two bulbs.

March 31, 09-Opening 8:00-10:30-Chose leader and caboose, made words from leaders name, checked roll, pledge, flag song, 1 min. of silence, air traced ABC’s and said letter sounds, read days of the week and months of the year charts, leader did calendar, weather report and counted days in school.  We counted to important dates on calendar.  We did Hanna’s birthday.

Math-air traced numbers 0-20, counted backwards 10-1, counted to 100 by 1’s,2’s,5’s, and 10’s.  We read, “Grandpa’s Are for Finding Worms”, “Grandma’s Are for Giving Tickles, and “All by Myself”.  We are still doing time-math book pg 145-146, pg.85 and 87 in practice book, dot to dot and practice coloring green and yellow.  Objective -tell time to the hour, NCTM-4,8,9,10-PASS-M4.5,R/L4.1,O/L2.2

Afternoon math 12:00-2:00-same as morning-

8th Grade Reading:

Students that were here took the OCCT Practice Reading test on computer. Everything seem to run smoothly. Everyone did fairly well. I would have like to have seen a few more better grades but that’s what practice test are for. Grades ranged from 100-34. Majority of the grades today were 70 and above.

4th Grade Reading/English:

We reviewed over yesterday’s practice test. The students did a lot better on this test than the first one. They worked on Study Island then worked on Synonym, Homonym, and Antonym worksheets from edhelper.

8th Grade English:

Due to my projector being out Mrs. Alexander and I switched room again and a few more students presented the powerpoints. Today’s was Heifer Ranch in Perryville, AR, Breast Cancer, and Progeria. All were awesome!

7th Grade Reading:

I was going to finish reviewing edutest with them but had a brain lapse about the non-working projector so i had them work on study island. They will take their first practice test tomorrow.


QUESTION OF THE DAY- We discussed what kind of plants we would like to grow and what we would need to be successful. PASS OL1.1,OL2

Read aloud- We read and echo read the poem “A Special Sprout”. We discussed the meaning of the poem. PASS RL3.3,5.1b,5.2

Phonics/Spelling- We looked at a transparency using prefixes and their meanings. Students did a workbook page independently. PASS WG3.5abc

Students read selection in small groups. I went over comprehension questions as they read. We discussed cause and effect and genre of the selection. PASS OL2, RL4.1b

Students did vocabulary workbook page 196 independently. PASS RL 2

third hour-U.S. History-Students participated in an  interactive history program (Who Wants to be an A Student).

fourth hour- Individual work over events and terminology.  Students involved in a manipulative board game. 

fifth hour- Oklahoma History-Students given extra time to finish assignment  (Chapter 17 Review).  Discussed and reviewed assignment in class and turned in.

sixth hour-U.S. History-Students participated in an interactive history program (Who Wants to be an A Student).

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