Field Day

The students had a lot of fun today with the Wacky Olympics!


Theme: Off to Kindergarten!

We reviewed our letter/sounds from A-Y. I introduced letter/sound Zz. I read Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come, we did a worksheet counting dinosaurs and writing the correct number in the box.

PASS: L.A. St. 1-8, Math St.

Theme: Night & Day

We sang our theme’s song, Mr. Sun, revisited our shared writing chart of day and night activities, did our Sing & Read series Yy book, Yippy Yak, skywrote Y 7 y, guessed what was in our Feely Bag (Yak), did a w/s coloring /y/ pictures and writing Yy.

PASS: L.A. 1-8

Theme: Night and Day

We sang our theme’s song, Mr. Sun, discussed our day and night activities shared writing chart, passed around our Feely Bag and tried to guess what it contained (Yarn) one student did guess correctly, we sky wrote our letter/sound of the week Yy and did our Read and Sing series Yippy Yak. I continued with our final assessments in the afternoon.

PASS: L.A. 1-8 Science St. 2.1

Theme: Night & Day

We sang our theme song, Mr. Sun & Mrs. Moon, reviewed our vocabulary from Monday’s lesson and extended it by naming things we do during the day and the night, practiced our letter Yy formation by skywriting and watching the teacher demonstrate, revisited our shared writing chart, letter identification w/s. I continued assessments in the afternoon.

PASS: Lang. Arts 1-9.

Field Trip to Alma, AR

Saw Stephen Fite in concert. A great time for all!

Theme: Night & Day

I introduced our theme song, Mr. Sun, we discussed vocabulary words about night and day,  did our shared writing with Daytime and Nighttime activities, read and discussed How the Sky Got it’s Stars, students did a letter recognition w/s circling only letters not numbers or shapes. Our afternoon lesson consisted of reviewing rhyming words.

PASS: Lang. 1-9,