Social Studies/History

first hour- Government- Students getting check-out sheets signed.  Government Jeopardy Friday.

second hour-U.S. History- Students participated in Music History of the U.S. ( 20 questions).

fourth hour- Democracy- Jeopardy Friday

fifth hour- U.S. History- American History Flash Cards

sixth hour-Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.


first hour- Government- Handed out Mind Bender consumable, Letter Tiles information dealing with Social Darwinism.

second hour- U.S. History- Handed out word scramble

fourth hour- Democracy- Awards Assembly

fifth hour-U.S. History- Handed out word scramble.  Twenty questions over people in history.

sixth hour-Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.

first hour-Government- Finishing up Semester Tests for those absent day of test.  Students given a consumable (word scramble).  Reviewed consumable and classed was challenged to American History trivia.

second hour-U.S. History- Semester Tests were given.

fourth hour-Democracy- Semester Tests were given.

fifth hour- U.S. History-Handed out letter-tile consumable to students over Social Darwinism.

sixth hour-Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.

first hour- Government- Semester Test was given.

second hour- U.S. History-Students were given consumable over Wilson’s Fourteen Points.

fourth hour- Democracy- Student prepared for Semester Test and  Twenty Questions.

fifth hour- Semester Test was given.

sixth hour- Alt.Ed.

seventh hour- Alt.Ed.

first hour-Government-Discussion over chapter summary assignments, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13, reviewed in class and turned assignment in.  Reviewed for Semester Test.

second hour U.S. History- finished reviewing for Semester Test.

fourth hour- Democracy- Students were given assignments over history terminology.

fifth hour- U.S. History-Finished reviewing for Semester Test.  Handed out consumable over Wilson’s 14 points.

sixth hour- Alt.Ed.

seventh hour- Alt. Ed.

first hour Government Students participated in Government Jeopardy.

second hour U.S. History- Teams were selected and the competition began American History Flash Cards

fourth hour Democracy  jeopardy

fifth hour U.S. History- Divided into teams American History Flash Cards

sixth hour-Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.

first hour Government-Students worked on Chapter 12 and 13 Chapter Summaries and vocabularies.  Taken home as homework if not finished in class.  Do next class meeting.

second hour U.S. History- Reviewed for Semester Test

fourth hour- Democracy- Discussed and reviewed Chapter 24 Money.  Turned in assignment.

fifth hour-U.S. History-Reviewed for Semester Test

sixth hour Alt.Ed.

seventh hour Alt.Ed.

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