Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Research and Information

Objective: Students will research and organize information from a variety of sources for a given purpose

Activity: Students continued their assignment of researching information on a topic of their choice. They are researching the internet and other references for information on what they want to learn about their chosen topic. They are to present their findings in a typewritten form,  and remembering the steps of  process writing. Most students were able to use the notes they took last week and begin putting it into typewritten form today.

Research papers are due WEDNESDAY.

Standard Pass Objectives: Standard 5: 1. a.b.c.d.e.f. *2. a.b.c.d

Reflection: Students needed additional help in summarizing and paraphrasing what they had learned into an organized form. They just wanted to write word for word what was found in resources instead of trying to summarize it into their own words.Students could also benefit from keyboarding instruction.