first hour-Government-Class discussion , reviewed Chapter 12 Assessment Activity, page 350 and Understanding Concepts, number 1.  Students turned in assignment.  Students were given a re-teaching activity over Chapters 12 and 13.

second hour-U.S. History-Class discussion over the Korean War consumable.  To help them to gain a better knowledge of two different ideas of war-time tactics, and the individuals involved.  Also discussed was Chapter 27 Study Guide over  the Nixon Administration, Watergate Scandal, Presidents Ford and Carter and the “Me” decade of the 1970’s.  Both assignments were turned in after discussion.

fourth hour-Democracy-Discussion over Chapter 22 test.  Discussed and reviewed Chapter 24,  Money.  How it affects and runs our economy.  Students were given an assignment over Chapter 24  Assessment.

fifth hour-U.S. History-Students were given time to finish assignment over Nation-states, International law, powers of U.S. Constitution.  Assignment reviewed in class and turned in.

sixth hour – Alt.Ed.

seventh hour- Alt.Ed.