Classes this morning were gone to Arkoma Track Meet.  I used this time to tie up loose ends: Awards Assembly, Academic Banquet monies, library books, notes about book club, etc.!

Pre-K: The student read one lesson, then he worked on the SMARTBoard activity with initial consonant sound recognition.  He had to “park” cars with consonants on them in spaces that had pictures that began with the initial consonant sounds.  This was no problem.  Because he likes space, we had time to work on a space floor puzzle together.  Lots of questions about things in space that I will have to look up!

2nd Grade PRIDE: One student was ready to share her “Flat” story with her class, so she read her story while I projected her KeyNote on the SMARTBoard.  Then we went down to my room, and one student finished his KeyNote project to share with his class, and the other student completed the last Lego WeDo project and began her original creation.