This morning I hooked the piano keyboards back up to the computers to get ready for CMJ.  We had to dismantle them for online testing the past 3 weeks.

1st Grade Children’s Music Journey: Students completed lessons and practice sessions.  After they finished, I played some movement music so they could try out the hula hoops I still have from the Wacky Olympics games.  That was classic.

3rd Grade Children’s Music Journey: Team B came for their turn on the rotation.  They learned about Middle C and played games to review their rhythms and low/middle/high recognition.

2nd Grade Children’s Music Journey: Same as 1st grade, except almost all of these students are Level 2, so it takes them quite a bit longer to complete their lessons.  I am hoping we can develop a small keyboard “band” from this group.

I had to leave at 12 noon for a family medical emergency.