2nd Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech:  The students are working on PowerPoint 2007 Chapter 2; Creating a presentation with illustrations and shapes.  The students took their powerpoint test Wednesday.

3rd Hour – Accounting I:  The students have completed application worksheets over lessons 1-6. We will review for test tomorrow and the students will take the test Friday.

4th Hour – Personal Financial Literacy:  Monday and Tuesday lectured over bankruptcy and completed worksheets. Wednesday lectured over charitable giving and completed a worksheet.

5th Hour – Accounting II: Ch 15-5 Mastery problem; Creating an Income statement, Statement of Stockholder’s Equity, and Balance Sheet. Wednesday reviewed for test. Test will be Thursday.

6th Hour – Yearbook:     Individual page assignments and input organization photos.

7th Hour – Fund. Admin. Tech: Watched a discovery learning video about how to use GPS devices. Did an outside activity today letting the students use GPS devices.