1st hr. 4th Handwriting/Spelling- Standard 3.5 A-D, 3.6. Practiced writing the letters A, C. Discussed character quote- Gratitude Overcoming Greed. 3 times each was due. Students picked 12 words & wrote a sentcnce at least 5 words long.

2nd hr. 1st P.E.- Dodgeball.

3rd hr. 3rd P.E.- Practiced for the Arkoma Track Meet.

4th hr. 2nd P.E.- Jail Dodgeball.

I didn’t have Kdg. P.E. They were gone to a concert!

6th hr. 4th P.E.- same as 3rd P.E.

7th hr. 4th Art- Standard 1:1-4. Standard 2: 1-4. Standard 3: 1-3. Standard 4: 1-3. Studied Art notes.