first hour- Government Class lecture and discussion over the Supreme Court decision-making process.  ( procedures, deciding major cases, opinions,  public policy, limitations, influencing the court’s decisions, Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. Board of Education, court packing-FDR)  Students also looked at three political cartoons ( Gradual Changes pg. 339, President’s Appointment Power pg. 347, Packing the Court  pg. 348, and Supreme Court pg. 351).

second hour-U.S. History-  Students finished assignments over Korean Conflict and The Nixon Administration.

fourth hour-Democracy-Students worked on Chapter 22 Test (open book test), turned in at end of hour.

fifth hour-U.S. History-Students were given reading assignment over, humanitarian, international law, nation-state, United Nations.  Discussed in class, students worked on 8 questions.

sixth hour- Alt.Ed.

seventh hour- Alt.Ed.