Fourth Grade Music

Using United Streaming, we viewed a classical musical entitled “Peter and the Wolf”. Students learned that sometimes “program music”, which is what the genre is for that particular piece exemplified, pays particular attention to the selection of music played for each character in the play. We learned how important music is in viewing and listening to plays, programs, videos, etc. We discussed how we are to enjoy a cultured event such as a ballet, opera, or any production where we are participants in an audience. We discussed how we are to behave with respect and listen intently to what is being performed on stage.

Students were introduced to various musical instruments today. We took turns “playing” our instruments and tapping out various rhythms and tempos. We discussed beats in a measure, playing in unison, and how to direct your attention to a conductor to play together.

Standard Pass Objectives are posted on Monday’s blog.

Reflection: Students throughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to “play” a musical instrument. They actually caught on quickly to “echoing” a rhythm and keeping time and a steady beat. We apologize in advance for any disturbance this might have caused in our end of the hall today!