4th Math-  Estimating and measuring using nonstandard units. I divided the class into groups and had them measure various things in the classroom using nonstandard units.  One of the tasks was to measure the width of the classroom.  Most students used their shoes and walked across the room to measure the width of the room.  Each student recieved a participation grade for the activity. Standards(1,4,6,8)

4th Language-  The students were given a writing assignment to work.  They were to write about their favorite thing or activity.  They were to have a planning page, a rough draft with editing and revisions, and a final copy.  Thursday and Friday, the students will read their paper aloud to the class.

4th Science-  Completed the test study guide and reviewed for the chapter 1D test.  The chapter covered how the digestive system, circulatory system, and the nervous system work.