1st hour Clothing students had a Lab Day  and completed projects left in the closet from past years.

3rd hour Chemistry of Foods students matched cooking terms on Quia and   or crossword puzzle for those without their laptops.

4th hour FACS 1 students wrote groups of food in proper menu form.

5th hour FACS 1 students watched a video “The Table Manner Murders” and solved the crimes that was committed at the dinner table.

6th hour  FACS 2 students looked through magazines and identified  advertisements that are informative and those that are misleading.

7th hour Family Living– students calculated the fat, sodium, and sugar content of foods.iPASS Information Literacy – pg. 399 – Standard 1.3Information Literacy – pg. 400 Standard 6.1Information Literacy – pg. 400 Standard 6.2Information Literacy – pg. 400 Standard 6.3Math – pg. 161 – Standard 4.2Math – pg. 161 – Standard 4.3