Fourth Grade Music

Focus Skills: Melody, harmony, tempo, rhythm,

Introduction: Students viewed a film clip from united streaming on “Learning to Read Music” The film clip showed how the treble and bass clef were arranged and how the notes were placed in measures. They heard the different ranges of pitches, melodies, harmonies, tempos, and rhythms, measures, instruments and music symbols..

Students were then given music notes to study each night for HOMEWORK.

We reviewed each skill and read the notes to clarify new vocabulary that dealt with what we had learned from the video.

Standard Pass Objectives: 1: 1. a, 1: 1.b.1: 1.d.1:1.e.  1:.1.f.1:.1.g.1:1.g.1: 1.3.a. 1:2 1: c 1:4 1 e 2:1 2:3 4:1