1st hr. 4th Handwriting/Spelling- Standard 3.5 A-D, 3.6. Practiced writing the letter N. Pretest over random words. Students wrote words 3 times each.

2nd hr. 1st P.E.- Outside.

3rd hr. 3rd P.E.- Practiced for Arkoma Track Meet.

4th hr. 2nd P.E.- We went to the playground in front of the old gym.

5th hr. Kdg. P.E.- Outside.

6th hr. 4th P.E.- same as 3rd P.E.

7th hr. 4th S.S.- Standard 5: 5.  Discussed character quote- Diversity. Students had to write 5 things that make them special. Assigned W.S. 1-11 Chapter 11.