Reading and Language ArtsCross-Country Vacation Day 4 PASS– listen/ask questions for understanding, speak articulately/audibly, use verbal/nonverbal communication, read high-frequency irregularly-spelled words fluently, use prereading strategies, spell words with irregular spelling patterns, demonstrate awareness of sounds, use short/long/r-controlled vowels, spell correctly words with various vowel patterns, identify cause/effect relationships, listen/ask questions for understanding, expand vocabulary by listening to/reading texts.

Math-Ch. 20 Lesson 5- Area  PASS– M4.1.a, M4.1.b

Reflection– We took our reading/spelling tests today because I didn’t want them to be rushed tomorrow before the We Really Shine program.  In math, we briefly reviewed perimeter before moving on to area.  They will have their math test tomorrow.  Math homework tonight.