8:00-9:00 I sorted out the money and reservations for the Academic Banquet.

9:00-11:00 EOI U.S. History.

11:30 Deposited money for banquet and returned and checked out library books.

Pre-K: I introduced the student to Detective Thinking.  He looked at four sets of four pictures to determine what picture did not fit.  Then as we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I gave clues instead of the animal that was looking on each page.  He tried to guess the animal using the clues.  He made two animals using tangrams.  We then completed 4 reading lessons.  He is reading two sentences and answering comprehension questions about them.

2nd Grade PRIDE: One student chose to do the Lego WeDo Boat project, and the other student chose to work on her Flat project.  She finished her story, and we looked for pictures to use to accompany her story.  I showed her how to import her pictures and edit her Flat picture on Keynote.  We are halfway done with both projects.