English I – Students began reading Part II of To Kill a Mockingbird and continued answering analysis and comprehension questions. RL1.2; 1.3; 2.1b,c; 2.2b,c,e, 2.3b, 2.4a, 3.1a,b; 3.2b,c,d; 3.4a,c

English II –  Students continued reading Fahrenheit 451 pages 40-50 and discussing the figurative language and sound devices. We discussed direct and indirect characterization.RL1.5; 2.1b,c; 2.2a,b,c; 2.3a,b,c; 2.4d; 3.1a; 3.2a,c,d,e; 3.3a,b,c; 3.4a,c

Speech – I introduced the radio show project and students used the example in Chapter 43 of the textbook to get an idea of what the project entails. I chose two group leaders and the group leaders chose group members for the project. Students worked in their groups and decided which group members would be responsible for each section of the radio show.