Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Author’s Purpose

Objective: To determine the author’s viewpoint on a topic

Activity: Students returned their homework and as a whole group reviewed their answers concerning author’s purpose as we read each selection.


Objective: To gain meaning and understanding from reading a selection

Activity: Students returned their homework over the story “Teasing Not So Much”. We reviewed comprehension questions and discussed their choices. We also reviewed comprehension questions from “The Down and Up Fall” reading selection in which they will be tested on Friday.


Objective: To teach strategies for unknown words

Activity: Students reviewed their homework from their “word pairs” and reviewed synonyms, antonyms and words that “go together”. We discussed how our vocabulary words could have synonyms to replace that particular word.

Moodle Assignment

Students began their moodle assignment over Author’s Purpose, Paraphrasing, Vocabulary, Syllables and Homophones. This is an on-going lesson for the rest of this week and correlates with this weeks skills taught and pass objectives.