English I – Students continued reading through Chapter 9 and continued answering analysis and comprehension questions. RL1.2; 1.3; 2.1b,c; 2.2b,c,e, 2.3b, 2.4a, 3.1a,b; 3.2b,c,d; 3.4a,c

English II –  Students continued reading Fahrenheit 451 and discussing the figurative language and sound devices. We discussed direct and indirect characterization.RL1.5; 2.1b,c; 2.2a,b,c; 2.3a,b,c; 2.4d; 3.1a; 3.2a,c,d,e; 3.3a,b,c; 3.4a,c

Speech – Write an introduction and practice oral interpretation piece. 1/2 the class was out for EOI testing or just absent.