Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: I discussed their projects, looked at their hypothesis and research, and the they began to work on their boards. Some students still had lots of questions.
PASS: All Process Skills
Reflection: none

7th Grade
Objective: Students took their Genetics test!
PASS: Genetics
Reflection: I haven’t graded their test yet, but I feel like they will do fine!

8th Grade
Objective: We discussed their work with dichotomous keys and then we discussed their Build-A-Bug projects. They began on their CRT practice test and some didn’t finish. We will begin discussions and lots of review for the 8th Grade Science Review.
PASS: All Process Skills
Reflection: none

7th Grade English
Objective: I showed them a website that would help them build their bibliography page. They just insert the information and it automatically makes the works cited. Then they copy and paste it to their bib page!
PASS: Bibliography
Reflection: This made their bibliography page so easy! WOW!