Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: Students put their final touches on their research and hypothesis. They are due Tuesday.
PASS: All Process Skills
Reflection: They have worked so hard on their projects!

7th Grade
Objective: We reviewed for their test. 2nd hour we had out moment of silence for the Oklahoma City bombing and then we watched a few videos over the bombing and the impact it had on the people of Oklahoma.
PASS: Genetics and Heredity
Reflection: Test Tuesday

8th Grade
Objective: I was not here that hour but the students worked on their dichotomous key assignment and began on their practice CRT.
PASS: Classifying and All Pass Objectives
Reflection: I am very proud of my 8th graders…..Mrs. Coker watched them for me and she said they were awesome! She said they worked so hard and when another student needed help they helped one another!

7th Grade English
Objective: Students worked on their rough drafts. They are due Tuesday!
PASS: The Writing Process, Research
Reflection: none