first hour- Government- In class discussion  over Chapter 9 Presidential Powers, turned in assignment.  Students were handed out test over Chapter 9 (open book test, take home), do beginning of class next class meeting.

second hour-U.S. History- Students were handed out reteaching assignment over The United States in Vietnam.   Students worked on assignment in class.  Handed out Oklahoma School Testing Program.

fourth hour-Democracy-Students worked on Chapter 21 (years of implementing programs, ex. DOT).  Watched Mrs. Martin’s class, because of EOI Testing in English, (students there for 20 minutes).

fifth hour- U.S. History-Reviewed and discussed Chapter 25, U.S. in Vietnam, turned assignment in for grade.  Handed out Oklahoma School Testing Program  (EOI and ACE U.S. History- 2010), reviewed information in class.  Students to take practice test that is provided in the booklet.

sixth hour-Alt.Ed.

seventh hour-Alt.Ed.