Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: To determine the author’s viewpoint on a topic

To read and understand a realistic fiction selection

To compare a realistic fiction to a magazine article

Activity: Students were asked to name some different purposes for writing. They gave examples of selections in our reader and if the author’s purpose was to inform, entertain, or persuade. We also reviewed a handout over author’s purpose and discussed the example story where the author wrote to give his or her details to entertain us. We completed a Venn diagram on the board that compared  our reading selection, “The Down and Up Fall” to a magazine article from Rick Ranger magazine entitled”Amazon Adventure”.  For additional practice on author’s purpose, students have three short stories in which to read and determine if the author’s purpose was to entertain, inform or persuade. This is homework that is due tomorrow.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 3: 1. a.b.c. 2. a.b.c. 3. a.b.c. 4. a.b.c.d. Standard 4: 1. a.b. 2. a.b.c.d


Objective:To teach vocabulary strategies

Activity: Before students listened to this week’s story selection, they review the “Vocabulary Power” pages in their reader. We read the words in context to gain meaning before reading the story. After we listened to “The Down and Up Fall”, we reviewed the vocabulary words and they were assigned the homework of looking up the words in the glossary and using it as a study guide for better understanding of their meanings.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard Pass Objective:1: 1.2.a.b. 3. *4. b