1st hour Clothing – students identified fashion terms by matching terms with definitions in a puzzle. PASS Language Arts Pg 106 Standard 3.1

3rd hour Chemistry of Foods–  part of the students were testing, one group made brownies for the school board meeting and the remaining students helped move tables for cleaning.

4th & 5th  hour FACS 1 students identified nutrients found in grain products and recalled guidelines for cooking cereal ,pasta and rice.

6th hour FACS 2 – Students prepared account documents and balanced a bank statement.  PASS Information Literacy pg 399, Standard 2.2, Language Arts, pg 94, Standard 4.2c Math pg 164, Standard 4.2, 4.3  Financial Literacy Standard 4-objective 2, Instructional Technology,pg 404, Standard 5.2,6.1

7th hour Family Living students took make-up test and then graded and discussed the test taken last week.