Reading we started with the question of the day.  We reviewed high-frequency words.  We recognized and blended the long vowel sound of /a/ of ea, eigh, and ey.  We read words with ea, eigh, ey and other known letter sounds.  (2.1b,long vowel sounds) We introduced spelling words with ea, eigh, and ey.  We used details from a story and from real life to make inferences.  (5.2a,make inferences in fiction)  We set a purpose for listening and made inferences about a story.  We developed robust vocabulary through discussing a literature selection.  In grammar we identified and read contractions with not.  We identified the two words that make up a contraction.  (3.1h, use contractions)

Math we started chapter 21.  We read, wrote, and represented hundreds to 1,000.  We wrote numbers as hundreds, tens, and ones.  We did practice pages 397-400.  (2.1a, use concrete models of hundreds, tens, and ones to develop the concepts of place value )     Social Studies we talked about the different kinds of landforms.