Read today’s character quote to 1st & 2nd hour, productivity.

**Worked on classroom time analysis throughout the day.

1st & 3rd hour: 7th grade Reading

Bell work was Context Clues 19 on Moodle. Students also worked on OCCT Practice Tests that I have set up on Moodle. Students are working at their own pace on these tests. When all have completed we will review each story and test.

PASS: R/L 1,2,3,4

2nd & 6th hour: 6th grade English

Bell work was Journal 54 on Moodle. Students worked on their definitions if they weren’t completed and also studied for the spelling/defintion test for tomorrow.

PASS: R/L 1.3a, 3b     WGUM 2.7, 9

4th & 5th hour: 8th grade Reading

We had a middle school going away party for one of our students that was leaving for a trip with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.