1st Hour: Students came in from P.E.  I worked with a HS student on his music for FFA State Convention.

I met individually with students who were not selected for National Honor Society and finished proofreading all of the candidates’ essays.

6th Grade PRIDE:  Students came in and out because they were having a cake and ice cream party for one of the middle school students, and I could not compete with that…Unfortunately, we will not be having regular class for the next three weeks because of EOI testing, so this was our last meeting for a while.

5th Grade PRIDE: I introduced students to our last bookclub selection, The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs by looking at the author’s website.  We read the first portion today out loud. Then because we have been stuck on the Greek myth so long, we have not covered the other wonders as well as I would like, so we watched a five-minute film that described all of the Seven Wonders.  We discussed their final Boulder Activity.  This class is performing an original play.

During 5th hour, I met with all potential National Honor Society candidates and gave them their character essays to redo.

7th and 8th Grades PRIDE: We discussed the budget/fundraising requirements for the Destination ImagiNation Global Finals.  We also talked about what we would need to improve for competition.

HS students came in to redo their essays 6th and 7th hours.

7th hour: I made a recording of 5 of the songs for the student FFA Convention Chorus.