1st Hour: MS student came in from P.E.

1st Grade Children’s Music Journey: Students came in ready to work and completed their lessons and practice sessions.

3rd Grade Children’s Music Journey: Team A had their turn (all girls), and they did a great job on their lessons and practice sessions.

2nd Grade Children’s Music Journey: Some new students got to take a turn on the program today.

National Honor Society met during lunch to discuss Keep America Beautiful week and the Academic Banquet.

Kindergarten Children’s Music Journey: I read the book HepCat, and as the famous people were introduced (The Beatles, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard), we moved and grooved to their music.  Then students could choose to do a lesson, practice, or game.

4th Grade Children’s Music Journey: Students completed their lessons (one student completed three!).  One advanced piano student is writing a creative fiction story we will orchestrate with GarageBand.

Last hour I helped a HS student go over his music for State FFA Convention Chorus.

After School: Business Advisory Committee meeting from 4:00-5:30.