Fourth Grade Reading

Focus skill: To use word relationships to determine meaning using context clues

Activity: Students were given additional opportunities to practice this skill through Ed. Helper worksheets on multiple-meaning words. This activity was timed in class and turned in at the end of the hour to check for accuracy and understanding.

Standard Pass Objective:Standard 1: 1. 3.


Objective: To teach different strategies to gain meaning from unknown words.

Activity: Students used their vocabulary words to find synonyms and antonyms that would help them gain meaning in how the words are used within our reading selection

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 1. 3

Moodle Assignment

Objective: to provide additional practice for on-line activities that correlate with this week’s focus skills and to review previous skills taught

Activity: Students completed on-line activities over word relationships, fact and opinion, author’s purpose, vocabulary review and phonics review.

Standard Pass Objectives: Standard 1: 1. 2. a.b. 3.   Standard 3: 1. a.b.c. 2. a.b.c. 3. a.b.c. 4. a.b.c.d. Standard 4: 1. a.b. 2. a.b.c.d. 3. a.b. 4.