AH-Flag and moment of sience. Quote “taking action.” “The Civil War” 18-1  read and discussed pages 564-570. Will finish Wednesday. S11:1,3

Geo.-Assessment and Activities pages 650-651. Did activities and map practice. Graded and discussed. Same PO

Reading-Vocabulary words over “The Incredible Quest to Find the Titanic.” Discussed meanings of the words. Started skill worksheets. Went to library and took test over “Holes.” S1 1.1a,b 1.2b 1.4 S2 2.3 2.4 S3 3.1a,b,c,d 3.2a,b 3.3a,c,d 3.4d,e,f 3.5a,b S4 4.1a 4.2c 4.3a,b,c,d

Social Studies-Review material from last week. Assign questions on pages 259 & 263.  Will finish tomorrow.