Word Wall Words- to read high-frequency words. PASS 1R1.2 and 1R5.4

Word Building- to use know letters sounds to spell and write words. 1RL3.1a, 1RL3.1c, 1RL3.2, IWG3.5a

Fluency Words- to read high frequency words. PASS 1R5.4

Robust Vocabulary- to develop a robust vocabulary to describe ideas. PASS 1RL4. 1RL4.2, 1RL4.3, 1OL3.2

Phoneme Blending- blend phonemes into recognizable words 1RL2.1, RL2.4

Centers (spelling, sight word, computer (word building), independent work)

Read “What Brad Found”


Exploring weight

cup, pint, quart, liter

PASS 4.2