Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skills this Week: To distinguish between fact and opinion in a literary text. To read and understand a tall tale.

Comprehension and Vocabulary Assessment

Activity: Students took an assessment over this week’s reading selection, “Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox”. All standard pass objectives listed this week were included in the assessment.

Standard Pass Objectives were listed on the web blog Monday-Thursday.

Moodle Assignment: Students practiced what they learned this week by completing their moodle assignments over fact and opinion and paraphrasing test tutors, and vocabulary. Students then had the opportunity to complete other skills through the  “Paul Bunyan” activities listed on their moodle site.

Reflection: This week was enjoyable as we read and studied about tall tales. Today was their library day and I saw many students with tall tale books. This story has peeked their interest in reading about larger than life characters. A few students were writing their own tall tales to share with the class.