Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: Students continue on their projects….I talked with each student 1 on 1 today over their Part 1 for their project.
PASS: All Process Standards
Reflection: I think we will have some really good science fair projects this year!

7th Grade
Objective: We discussed DNA is located in the chromosomes of the cell. That is where all of the genetic material is located. They did an activity call dragon genetics. They worked with genotypes and phenotypes. They made their own baby dragons.
PASS: Reproduction and Heredity, Diversity of Life
Reflection: The students did very well on their assignment today!

8th Grade
Objective: They finished their mammals video (5 minutes) and began on the amphibians and reptiles (LIFE) video. They had a worksheet that they had to complete during the video.
PASS: All Life Science Skills
Reflection: The new Life Series videos are really good!

7th Grade English
Objective: Students wrote their thesis statement and made their outlines.
PASS: Same as yesterday
Reflection: none