1st Hour: MS students came in from P.E.

4th Grade PRIDE: We began the last unit of our Lego WeDo today: Adventure Stories.  Each student could build his/her own project, which was an airplane that stalled when it flew up and accelerated when it took a nosedive.  The students programmed the motor to slow down/speed up the propellors and make appropriate stalling and engine sounds.  This was cool.

3rd Grade PRIDE: Same as 4th Grade, except one student needed to finish his “How I Became Flat” writing assignment.  I showed the other students their Flat pics we have superimposed on the backgrounds we downloaded last week.  The students will read their stories while the accompanying pictures are on the screen.

HS Student: I had a MS student come in to work on Academic Team.  He is adding old review questions to our Quizlet site.

National Honor Society candidates (round two) wrote their essays on character in the Technology Lab during 6th hour.

7th and 8th Grades PRIDE:  Students worked on their costumes and props for Destination ImagiNation.

2nd Grade PRIDE:  Students worked on finishing their “Flat” stories.  I am transcribing the stories as the students tell them to me, so they are not limited by written vocabulary/spelling in this assignment.

After School: Destination ImagiNation team worked until 4:00 today.