Fourth Grade Reading


Objective: To teach a variety of strategies to unknown words and check for accuracy

Activity: Students took an assessment over the  vocabulary words from this week’s reading selection, “Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox”. Students were tested over the meanings of the words, as well as being able to use the word in sentence context.

Standard Pass Objective: Standard 1. 1.


Objective: To check for accuracy in understanding a tall tale selection

Activity: Using United Streaming video in our classroom, students were able to view “Paul Bunyan”. This video was somewhat in correlation with our story this week. After viewing this thirty minute video, students compared likenesses and differences in both the video and their story. We compared tall tales to that of regular  fiction stories.

Standard Pass Objective: Visual Literacy: Standard 1, 2:

Reflection: Having United Streaming videos is such a handy tool. The students enjoyed watching this short video. We were especially pleased to hear it narrated by comedian, Jonathan Winters! He provided all of the voice-overs and made it very entertaining.