We are covering pass 4 this week, which is over measurement and concepts in geometry.

6th grade

We watched brain pop over the metric system.  We went over how to convert between measures in the metric system.  They had a big worksheet over this to do.  They didn’t take it home and will finish working on it tomorrow.

7th grade

We went over our homework from the day before over classifying triangles.  We watched a little video over different types of angles, which they took notes over.  We talked about what the video said and they had a worksheet to do over angles.  It was homework if they didnt finish.

8th grade

We went back over how to set up proportions from similar figures and scale models.  They did that lesson on IXL and then had a 5 question quiz over that at the end of class.

Reflection: I was happy with the how the 6th grade did on the metric system.  The 8th grade is finally getting similar figures.  Setting up a proportion is kind of hard for them.   They know what to do once it is set up.  7th grade did well, it is mainly review and they already knew what to do.