Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Fact and Opinion

Objective: To distinguish between facts and opinions in literary text

To read and understand a tall tale selection

Activity: To better prepare students for their comprehension test, they have listened to and read “Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox” and applied what they had read to a set of comprehension questions today to complete in class. These questions included guided comprehension over summarizing, making predictions, fact and opinion, personal opinion, cause and effect, problem solving, speculation, character trails, and important details.

Standard Pass Objective:Standard 3:1.a.b.c. 2.a.b.c. 3. a.b.c. 4. a.b.c.d. 4:. 1.a.b. 2. a.b.c.d.

Moodle Assignment: If students completed their comprehension questions in class, they began working on their moddle assignment of online reading activities. These activities correlate with this week’s reading selection. To check what students have learned this week, they completed a Test Tutor on fact and opinion and paraphrasing. For a phonics review they completed four syllable activities. To apply practice skills in vocabulary, they did a matching and fill in the blank activity to check for accuracy on unknown words.

Standard Pass Objectives are the same as posted above.

Reflection: Some students that were having difficulty in comprehending the story were lagging behind in answering the comprehension questions. They were given the assignment as homework tonight and are to return their completed comprehension questions tomorrow. I had several that needed extra help in knowing how to find the answer within the selection and then paraphrasing their answer on paper.