Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: Students worked on their science fair projects…..variables, controlling their experiment, and their purpose and question.
PASS: All Process Skills
Reflection: Every student has a question for their experiment! YAY

7th Grade
Objective: We began on our Genetics With a Smile project. It walks them through the process of genetics….dominant and recessive, homozygous and heterozygous, co-dominance or incomplete dominance, Punnett squares, alleles, genes, and chromosomes.
PASS: Reproduction and Heredity, Diversity of Life
Reflection: none

8th Grade
Objective: Finished video over Adaptations from the State Department. Began our adaptation activity with M&M’s.
PASS: Adaptations
Reflections: none

7th Grade English
Objective: Students continued to work on their notecards for Wednesday! I had a few students that worked on them over the weekend.
PASS: The Writing Process
Reflection: I am very proud of my students for working so hard!