4th Grade PRIDE: After I had one student work on Professor Garfield’s site last week, all of the students wanted a chance to create their own.  Their assignment was to create a 5-frame comic strip using at least 10 of their vocabulary/spelling words.  The Professor Garfield site allows them to use pre-loaded characters, scenery, etc., and they add their words.  This was a favorite.

3rd Grade PRIDE: Students finished writing their “How I Became Flat” stories, and we downloaded pictures to accompany different scenes from their stories.  When we come back next week, we will put it all together on KeyNote.

Pre-K: We talked about the saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”  We practiced writing the words “March,” “lion,” and “lamb.”  He sounded out the words I had written with no difficulty.  We were going to build a lion and a lamb from our Builders of Tomorrow set, but we decided the pattern was too hard after we worked with no success on the lion.

7th/8th Grades PRIDE: Students from the Destination ImagiNation team worked on costumes and puppets.  I am amazed at their creative abilities to turn a sheet into a believable costume!

2nd Grade PRIDE: We did not meet because we had our We Really Shine program during this time.

After School: Some teachers from HS competed in an online trivia tournament.  This was a lot of fun.  I think we should get together for something like this more often!