Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: I had about 4 students that had not finished their research, so they worked on that. The students who were finished worked on their Teacher’s Domain assignment. They watched videos about permafrost and then answered questions about them.
PASS: All Life and Earth Science
Reflection: The research project went well…I learned some things from the process that I will change for next year!

7th Grade
Objective; We reviewed for their test on Wednesday!
PASS: Diversity of Life
Reflection: none

8th Grade
Objective: Students continued working on their projects on the Geologic Time Scale. I had 2 students say that they had already finished and their projects were at home, so they worked on their Study Island assignments. We will see if they have them Thursday!
PASS: Earth’s History
Reflection: none

7th Grade English
Objective: I discussed the whole process of their research project. I showed them samples of how to do their notecards and bibliography page. I am hoping that they understand the process now.
PASS: The Writing Process, Research Paper
Reflection: none