Fourth Grade Reading

Focus Skill: Fact and Opinion

Activity: Students reviewed the fact and opinion homework assignment worksheet in class. We discussed each question and confirmed predictions as to whether it was a stated fact that could be proven or just someone feelings or opinion on the subject.

Comprehension, Vocabulary, Phonics Review

Students completed moodle assignments over each category. They did the test tutor to help prepare them for their test tomorrow. They matched vocabulary words to definitions and worked on the root words under phonics review. They also read and completed comprehension questions over specific non-fiction stories for additional practice.

Standard Pass Objectives: Standard 1: 1.2. a.b. Standard 3. a.b.c. 2. a.b.c. 3. a.b.c. 4. a.b.c.d. Standard 4. 1.a.b. 2. a.b.c.d.

Reflection: All students turned in homework today and worked harder on moodle assignments than in the past. We need more practice on identifying fact and opinion in longer reading passages, instead of one sentence selections.