Middle School Science

6th Grade
Objective: Students continued tow work on their research over Climate Change.
PASS: All Earth and Life Science Objectives
Reflection: Due Friday

7th Grade
Objective: Students continued working on Teacher’s Domain. 2nd hour students took Spring pictures and then continued working on their assignment.
PASS: Diversity of Life
Reflection: none

8th Grade
Objective: Watched a video over fossils and geologic time. We discussed the importance of fossils. We discussed their shadow box assignment over their geologic time period. Students will have until next Wednesday to finish their projects.
PASS: Earth’s History
Reflection: This class was very hyper today!!!

7th Grade English
Objective: Discussed the importance of using “good websites” for their research. I showed them examples of websites that give incorrect information. Discussed and showed examples of research papers…..We also discussed due dates and good topics for their research.
PASS: The Writing Process, Research
Reflection: none